Wendy’s Dating Tips

Wendy from Sex Personals goes online to investigate the Internet Dating craze that is successfully bringing together thousands of happy couples, everyday. Gone are the days when you had to go out on the week-end looking for that special person. Now you can do it all from the comfort of your own home without worrying about making a fool of yourself.

Remember all those questions you got asked?.

  • Whats your name?
  • Do you come here often?
  • Do you like the Band?
  • Where do you live?….

And how many times did you get asked those same questions? 10, 20, 30, times a night. Guess what!!! it hasn’t change on the internet either. Except now you can just click the mouse and the creeps are gone!!!

Advantages of Online Dating

  • You choose the type of person you want to meet by filling out a profile of character preferences.
  • You decide when its convenient to log on to your computor. That way you meet people who have a similar timetable.
  • The cost of becoming a member of the larger Online dating sites is zero dollars… that’s right, it cost you nothing to become a standard member.
  • On the web you can be as anonymous as you want. Your the boss so you decide the rules when it comes to flirting with other people. Remember, one click of the mouse and there gone. No more trips to the toilet pretending to fix your make-up, or excusing yourself because you suddenly remembered that you have to get up for early for work. Its Saturday night and you don’t work on Sunday, but we will forget that slip-up.


First thing you need to do is get a new email address, don’t use your own personal one. Yahoo is the best for a free email address. Most important is that you do not make the mistake of using your work email address.

Protect Your Privacy

Dont rush in and tell everybody all there is to know about yourself. When you join an Online Dating site you will be asked for a nickname to use… don’t use a name like raving nymth or big boobs unless you want to attract undue attention from all the idiots that lurk the web. Try to use something simple for a nickname… not : nicepersonfromthecity

Your profile

This is where you get to tell everyone about yourself, choose your words carefully. Try not to sound too boring or bossy, and put some humour into your description of interests. No one wants to meet a person who "saves milk crates" as a bobby… except maybe another milkman. And keep away from using indecent language in your profile, that’s a big no no.

Image is important

The single most importat aspect of Online Dating that makes it so popular is members photographs. Its a case of what you see is what you get. So a good quality photo of yourself is a worthwhile investment. you can still get by without a photo but responses will be limited. So make sure you use a nice picture. A good quality Photo Studio would not be a waste of time.

Make your move…

So you ask? how do I get to meet people now I got by new beaut photo, a new email address and a great profile. The answer to that is simple. Log on to your favourite Dating site that you have just joined and begin by looking at other members photos and profiles till you find one that catches your interest… send them a private message introducing yourself and inviting them to check out your profile.

Different websites have different names for the messages or winks you send another member. Remember you have to be in it to win it, so start sending those messages.

All the big Dating sites also have Chat Rooms that are open 24 hours a day, so that you can meet even more new friends.

Take a hike buster!

Idiots are everywhere these days and the Internet is no different… so be prepared to occasionally come across a looser that will get under your skin.  Dont bring yourself down to there idiot level, just block there email address with the inbuilt blocking software that all the popular dating sites have. Simple and sweet… good-bye you pathetic moron.

Now for the fun

Once you find profiles that interest you, send them a private message and introduce yourself… and start to enjoy the marvels of the Online Dating craze.

What next…

Meeting new friends on the Internet is the perfect solution for to-days fast paced newage singles. How fast you take the next step and meet your new cyber friends is up to you. Exchange a few phone calls is always a good start… from there, its all up to you. One thing is for sure, you will meet lots of new people, some good and some bad… thats life!!!

Which are the best Online Dating sites?

That depends on what your looking for. If you are the shy type and want a serious type relationship then go for Adult Matchmaker. If your more outgoing with an interest in meeting people for sexual types of encounters, then try Adult Friend Finder. For a gay relationship, you simply cant go past Gay Matchmaker.

Now go join a Dating Website and start enjoying life… Wendy